Sunday, November 1, 2009

SnapIt Screen Capture! I love it!

Have you guys ever tried using the 'Print Screen' function at your computer? name it either laptop, desktop or netbook... they will certainly be a 'print screen' function.

personally, i used the print screen function quite often. especially when i need to print screen a banking transaction as a proof of my particular transaction.

the step by step order that i usually used when using print screen are, click on the print screen button, open paint application, paste it in a new paint file, crop the necessary part of the screen that i want and paste it again in a new file.

but, i had minimise few steps after i found this SnapIt Screen Capture.
from five steps to three simple steps.

Log on to the SnapIt Screen Capture web. (Just click on the tittle).

Click on the run button, and it will automatically run the application.
after done and clicked finish, you will now see the SnapIt icon at your desktop and also and your task bar.

it is located down on your right hand side of your monitor.

by default, it will automatically run the function.
if you click in the camera icon (SnapIt icon), those information or dialog box will appear.
go through it if you like.

just a comparison, this is how it looks like when you used the print screen application.
the whole active current screen will be out.
you can clearly see even all my active current applications.

which is why, as explained ealier, i had to do some minor editing by cropping the necessary information that i want.

so, let say, i wanted to share with you something about all the attributes i ave in my blog.

all i have to do is hit the print screen button, and an indicator will appear.
drag and highlight the particular section that i want. for example:

and just paste in any image application.
no need to crop NOTHING.
it is all done.

what is my personal opinion on this application?
i love the application so much!
the downloading doesn't take long.
i don't have to any editing to my print screen shot.
it is so simple as A B C.

dear friends out there, go hit the link and give it a try.
it has 14 days trial version.
trust me.. it is very convenient and easy to use.

love always,
Mama Azlina

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